Introducing – Mark Tipping

I was a published fine art photographer originally and then moved into the music industry this year to try something differant. I take pictures for music magazines and the artists, in the summer i frequent festivals and am now moving around the arena’s and theatres. I rarely edit in colour (if the lighting is good and integral to the performance then I will) but monochrome is my preferred medium. I like to capture two things in an image, either the artist in portrait, or an effective full stage profile. Not looking necessarily for a big ‘action’ shot, just something which shows the artist at their best, or in a frame/pose the audience wouldn’t normally see.
I’m also just as happy taking photo’s of an indie band in a club as I am an A-list act in an arena. It’s all about the photo, not the music for me.
I shoot with a Canon 6D and use Canon & Sigma lenses.
Photographs: Rat Boy – Simple Minds – Slaves – Stornoway – Tom Chaplin – Tom Odell – Debbie Harry – Imelda May – Mel C – Pete Doherty
RatboySimple MindsSlavesStornowayTom ChaplinTom OdellDebbie HarryImelda MayMel CPete Doherty

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