Meet The Photographer – Deb Kloeden 

1. Where did your journey with gig photography start? 

I shot my first band (Split Enz – a zany alternative NZ band) when I was studying photography at Teacher’s College in 1975.

2. What was the best advice you were given starting out?

 Believe in yourself & follow your dream.

3. What has been the worst advice you have been given?

Forget the Black and white edits.

4. What has been your favourite gig you’ve shot?

The Byron Bay Bluesfest 2017 was a 5-day festival held at Easter this year. I know it’s not just one gig, but the whole festival was amazing to shoot. So many big name bands, many of who were personal favourites like Neil Finn, Patti Smith, Santana, The Doobie Brothers, Nahko & Medicine for the People. The privilege of standing immediately before them in the pit, gaining eye contact & really feeling the music was an experience I’ll never forget & one I aim to repeat again. Last Friday I shot Fleet Foxes at The Sydney Opera House, which was a dream come true. Such an iconic venue & one of my favourite bands. Unfortunately the lighting was very dark, so the photos are not as good as I hoped for. Shooting Australian electronica band Rufus was a big highlight. Their lighting is very spectacular, so I was really happy with the photos I took of them. I’m also a big fan.

      5. What has been your favourite gig venue?

 I think Botanic Park in Adelaide where the WOMADelaide Festival is held each year. It is such a beautiful park with big shady trees. The organisers turn it into an amazing festival venue, which is really user friendly, & they cater for everyone.

I also like the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide. It’s a beautiful old Theatre. Patrons can stand or sit. There are also cute private balconies.

    6. What is the thing you love most about gig photography?

The buzz of photographing bands or artists I have admired for so long.

Capturing a great moment, expression or magic light effect.

Being so close to the artists gives a certain feel of friendship. I feel like I ‘know’ the artists after shooting them & editing the photos.

    7. What gig photographers do you look up to?

 Matthias Hombauer, Bob Gruen, Alexander Hallag, Jaz Meadows.

    8. What equipment do you use to shoot?

Canon 5D MKII, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm f/1.4.

    9. What are your thoughts about the very first Shout About It Live?

 It’s very exciting. I travelled all the way from Australia to take part.

   10. What would you want to improve in the ‘gig photographer’ community?

Maybe more chances to get together, meet one another, share experiences & advice. I come from a country location in Australia, so I miss that feeling of community that probably exists in cities.

   11. What advice would you give to someone just starting out with gig photography?

 Believe in yourself and follow your dream.

    12. Where can we find your work?

   13. What’s in your future for gig photography?

 After spending a great deal of my life teaching, I am now very happy to be following my dream. I hope to become better known & gain approval to shoot more ‘big bands’. I write reviews for 2 international media outlets & I’m very grateful for their support & believing in me. I’m in the process of joining an Australian media outlet where I’ll be able to concentrate on just taking photos without the stress of review writing as well.

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