Meet The Photographer – Lindsay Melbourne 

Meet The Photographer – Lindsay Melbourne

1. Where did your journey with gig photography start?

About two years ago, I’d been playing bass in bands for 13 years and had started to develop a real anxiety about going on stage, something just didn’t feel right about it anymore but I couldn’t just give it up as it would leave a massive void. I had recently bought a camera and started taking it gigs, at one Cribs show I snuck into the photo pit and from that moment on I was hooked. I can’t explain the high I get from it but it beats performing on stage.

2. What was the best advice you were given starting out?

Shoot, shoot, shoot!

3. What has been the worst advice you have been given?

Don’t be a fan girl – ha! Anyone who knows me will know that isn’t possible. I’m the biggest music obsessive.

4. What has been your favourite gig you’ve shot?

Too many but shooting out in Texas for SXSW was a big highlight.

5. What has been your favourite gig venue?

I’m all about the small bands and small venues so this has to be my local venue The Brixton Windmill. I’ve been promoting, playing, shooting and going to gigs there for about 15 years.

6. What is the thing you love most about gig photography?

When the stars align and you get that shot that captures the moment. This is why I love working with the bands that I adore I feel I can anticipate what is about to happen and place myself where I need to be.

7. What gig photographers do you look up to?

For me there is only one…Carolina Faruolo. When I first started out I reached out to Carolina as I felt such a connection with her style of photography. She helped me understand my settings, teach me how to use my camera and has since passed on opportunities that without which I wouldn’t be where I am now.

8. What equipment do you use to shoot?

Nikon D610 (about to upgrade to the D750)

24.70mm 2.8

85mm 1.8

50mm 1.8

35mm 1.4

9. What are your thoughts about the very first Shout About It Live?

Amazing! I was born in Liverpool so I couldn’t think about a better city to showcase my work for the first time. It looks like its going to be a fantastic event.

10. What would you want to improve in the ‘gig photographer’ community?

More events and exhibits like this.

11. What advice would you give to someone just starting out with gig photography?

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot. Anywhere and everywhere just get out and shoot. Opportunities will present themselves later on but only if you are putting yourself out there.

12. Where can we find your work?
Instagram @lindsaymelbourne_

13. What’s in your future for gig photography?

I’m currently in talks with a couple of bands about going on tour, which is really exciting and I’m also hoping to get involved in more promo work and have a couple of personal on-going projects.

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